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The search box is pretty flexible, but has a couple sticking points. I'll be making some adjustments to correct for these, but for now, here's some things to be aware of:
  • It won't return any results that are too numerous. ie: "thyroid" as it appears in pretty much every document.
  • It won't search for things 3 characters or less. So if you get no results for "calc" try typing out "calcium."
  • The search is "OR" which means it matches on any of the terms. Searching for "thing 1" and "thing 2" will return documents that have either thing 1 or thing 2.
And now some cool things you might not know:
  • When you search for something, the terms are in address bar. So you can bookmark as many as you like and come right back to them whenever you'd like. For example: "https://medullarythyroidcancer.org/document-search.php?term=calcium" will always search for calcium. This also means you can share the search by sending it to someone else, too.
  • Search results are scored on the backend based on some nerd logic, and presented with the best results first, not alphabetized.

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