Tips after surgery

From Medullary Thyroid Cancer

Helpful items

  • Lots of soft pillows - you will need to sleep propped up
  • Lots of great soft foods, soups, etc. Also nectars will help with swallowing.
  • Heating pad, back can get a little sore after surgery and that helps to relax the muscles.
  • Ice pack for your incision
  • Ice chips to soothe your throat
  • Ibuprofen and ice as ordered to keep swelling down.
  • 45° foam wedge pillow is a great benefit for about 3 weeks.
  • Horseshoe shaped neck pillow
  • Lots of scrambled eggs. Bread was hard for awhile
  • Some carbonated beverages. They are easier to swallow than water.
  • Straws are a big help
  • Mederma after to try to reduce scar
  • Vera from the plant itself until it healed, then vitamin E oil
  • Post-surgery Physical Therapy guide

Tips and tricks

  • Crushing up pain pills and mixing the powder into apple sauce may help swallowing
  • Ask for something other than water to try as the first thing you swallow. If your vocal cords are paralyzed, water is the easiest thing to aspirate *because the density is less.
  • Avoiding certain foods that might be dry or rougher in consistency(meat) and smaller bites may help. Cereal and milk can be hard because of choking on *the mixture of the two “solid/liquid.” May not have that issue with soup, likely due to the thicker consistency of the broth. Can start with things *like apple sauce, jello, and foods with gravy or sauce like stews mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken stew or cacciatore.